New Things

So I have some new things in my life.

My first is a couple of rescue kittens. They are 5 months and 6 months old. So not tiny kittens, but they are still super cute and playful. Leo and Sabrina. I purchased flushable kitty litter, but have high hopes of training them to use the toilet (ala "meet the parents") so to not make trash at all! I gone a little nuts buying kitten toys for them but it's all good.

My second new thing is a bag. Yes a bag. Now I'm not the type who loves shopping and lives for the next biggest trend or has a closet full of shoes. But I did splurge and got this really cool bag made from old ad banners. And the straps are seat belts. I absolutely love it! I'm trying not to product place too much. The company is called Alchemy Goods "Turning Useless into Useful" is their slogan.