Lunch Time!

Since using sanitary items at work (tissues, etc) are unavoidable, there are other things during the work day I do to limit my trash.

One major thing is Lunch! I use a reusable lunch bag as well as reusable containers.

I got this great sandwich case from tupperware. No more plastic baggies or tin foil!

I don't go anywhere without my reusable bottle as well. People at work call me "tree hugger" because I try to get them not to use Styrofoam by bringing in mugs. This only works when I hand them the mug. And 4 of the mugs I brought in have already gone missing. Any other ideas to encourage co-workers not to be wasteful?


shot in the arm said...

Well if you are going to take mugs in you should check out Goodwill or somewhere like that and get a bunch of them that way you don't mind if they go missing.

Do you have plastic silverware there or is the real deal metal stuff? That could be another improvement.

:: A S K :: said...

collect their waste for a week (or longer) and force them to live with it at their desks for a month.

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