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I compiled some articles from around the internet (feel free to do your own search)
And these are what I found the most interesting.

1. Condom Sense: First Article that comes up on Google. Worth a read, was written in 2006.

2. Gorgeously Green's take on Red Wine & Condoms:
It’s hard to recommend an organic wine, as everyone’s tastes are so different. Best to go to a good wine seller, who buys from organic wineries, and get their advice.
Onto condoms! There aren’t really any eco-friendly condoms per se. Condoms are either made from latex, which is biodegradable, lambskin – also biodegradable or polyurethane, which is not biodegradable. Most condoms you buy are made out of latex, however, it won’t biodegrade in water – so never flush a condom down the toilet (can easily block pipes or end up in rivers and streams). The best thing to do is to wrap it up in a piece of toilet roll and put in your regular trash – its best gravesite is a landfill! Lambskin can be a viable choice, however, it doesn’t protect against any diseases- so only recommended for seriously monogamous relationships! Female condoms are made of polyurethane. So there’s the skinny on condoms.

3. Tree Hugger on Brazilian Amazon Condoms:
Natex condoms are 10% more cost-effective to produce and that native latex is also more resistant for having 50% less minerals than cultivation latex.

Please post your own ideas or links to articles about Environmental Condoms. But please do not reuse!

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