It's been 30 days and we don't mess around with trash. We kicked it's A**. I can't wait for my t-shirt that says so!

A few interesting tid-bits to recap the adventure...

30 Days Ago:
  • We made 1-2 large bags of trash per week at our house.
  • We made LOTS of trash during the day at work. Bad trash too. Plastic silverware, Styrofoam trays, paper towels, and many more trash evils.
  • We drank from straws, used paper napkins, and took plastic bags when shopping...the sin of all trash sins.
During the 30 Days:
  • We recycled EVERYTHING possible.
  • We only trashed the dog poo and a few other small items intentionally (See trash confessional post).
  • We gave up things we loved: tissues, gum, napkins, paper towels, q-tips, cotton balls, and more.
What we wont miss:
  • Composting. It is nasty, and it's totally a pain to bring to the dump. Also it gets rotten and stinky. We love you Earth, but we love the garbage disposal too.
The BEST OF The Trash Challenge

The best thing about the trash challenge is that EVERYONE around you notices how much trash they are throwing away. When you tell people you are doing this, they all of sudden realize they should not be such trash sluts.

A few shout outs:

Jamie, Tommy, and JK for not using styrofoam trays anymore at lunch and recycling their plastic pudding cups. Nigel, you only get a half a** shout out because one day you were bitchy and threw your recyclables in the trash.

Becky, because you got reusable containers and cloth napkins for lunch.

Tina, because you started recycling everything, making a difference, and spreading the word.

Linda, for getting your kids to do the trash challenge for two days!

BB, for only sending me a small amount of bubble wrap and great comment.

Kate, for the great recycle everything Real Simple list.

What next?
  • We plan to keep on recycling and making as little trash as possible. The tip that we can recycle chip bags was excellent.
  • We probably will not continue the food compost. We do have compost bins in the yard for yard waste and plan to use these.
  • I'll still keep taking home recyclables from my work. Each week during the challenge I had 2 HUGE IKEA bags filled. One night the cleaning people had the trash from one day in the hall. It was 7 huge garbage bags. We only have 30 people in our office. That is 7 bags a day for 30 people.

Simple things you can do:
  • Recycle. It's easy.
  • Do NOT take plastic bags at stores. Buying new shoes at the mall? Do you really need a plastic bag?
  • Do NOT use plastic bags when getting produce. Just stick it in the cart.
  • Recycle paper and cardboard. Toilet paper rolls, receipts, clothing tags, junk mail. Just throw it in a bin and take it to a recycling center.
  • STOP using paper towels. Seriously, it is totally do-able. Buy numerous washable cloths for the kitchen, use old t-shirts and towels that you can wash for cleaning and spills, use a cloth to dry your hands. Eating out and thinking about using a paper towel to dry your hands? Why? Just shake them dry.

And the part you have all been anxiously waiting for the Q&A Trash Session!

Q. What do you do about toilet paper?
A. We use it. Let's get real people. We don't even want to go there even for mother earth.

Q. What do you do about tampax?
A. See above.

Q. What do you do about KLEENEX?
A. I have been using handkerchiefs. Actually as gross as it sounds it's MUCH better than tissues. You no longer have to have those eye sore tissue boxes around the house. And no more throwing away all those tissues.

Q. How do I know if I can recycle ------ ?
A. http://notrashchallenge.blogspot.com/2008/09/how-to-recycle-anything.html

Q. Why aren't you chewing gum?
A. It is not biodegradable. Why don't you swallow it? Because. That's why.

Q. How can I sign up for the 30 Day No Trash Challenge?
A. It's simple, just email Trashed out at ??? Trashed Out, what is your email??? We need some usability on this blog. A big SIGN UP for the challenge button. :)

Thanks Everyone that tuned in this month.
Goodbye. Adieu. Auf Wiedersehen. Gesundheit. Farewell.
(5 trash points if you know what movie that is from)

xoxoxo Shannon & Erik

P.S. Reuben and Lucy say thanks too. See them in picture 3 above. They figured they should get some blog play since they had so much poo trash.


Tina said...

Shanners, I am so impressed and amazed that you did this. I know it wasn't easy, but you made such a huge impact on a ton of people. Both John and I are mad recyclers now and it is truly because of YOU. Thank you for inspiring me and showing me the ways. You totally rule and are so bad ass for doing this. And thanks for the shout out, that makes me wicked happy. :)

esther said...

erm...that you like tampax, I totally understand, but did you think about using the mooncup or divacup?It's actually a great product and my only regret is that I didn't use it sooner!

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