The Trash Confessional

So we have been doing pretty good on the trash. A typical day we make the following trash:
  • two small plastic containers that our allergy pills come in
  • plastic wine cork or bottle caps
  • dog poo
So really we have narrowed our trash down to nothing. A few things that I will confess that I have done and not reported on AKA The Trash Confessional.
  • I trashed away a coffee filter with coffee in the office. I didn't have a container to take it home in for the compost.
  • I have MULTIPLE times trashed my leftover food.
  • I trashed a whole meal full of food and containers at Finagle A Bagel (I feel super guilty about this one).
  • I replaced all my tires on my car and I am hoping they old were recycled but can't say for sure.
  • Finally Pictured above. We are getting our floors sanded and we literally taped the whole house up in PLASTIC and TAPE. Kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, and more. To top it off the Floor men left these 3 HUGE trash bags. I will note that we will only trash the tape. The plastic we will save and reuse for painting or other house projects as they come up. It might possibly be recyclable...but that's not too likely.
Now I'll be saying my Trash Mary's.

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