Today on the menu: Breakfast Trash and for Lunch no Trash

We are getting new furniture. And in the theme of recycling we are selling our old stuff on craigslist. This morning I met the guy coming over to get the furniture. In an effort to keep our dogs off of him I held the dogs. Worked great for keeping the dogs away but not so great for my outfit. Got dog hairs all over me. And this meant trash. I had to quick use a tape roller to get it off. On the brighter side there was no trash at lunch today.


Anonymous said...

You should look for the no tape roller when you finish that one. I have one that is sticky but you run it under the faucet and wipe it off with your hand to get the lint off. It's great and easy to use. Plus the only waste is the stuff that comes right off when you rinse it :)

shannon said...

Anonymous - can you tell me where you got that? Sounds perfect. Even if I wasn't doing the no trash challenge that sounds better than the tape roller.

Anonymous said...

Well I was given it when I was in Northern Ireland....BUT I found some online so here are a few links for you directly to the lint removers.
Amazon (the one on the left in the photo is the one I have
Another on Amazon
Hope that helps :)

grammardog said...

Dog/cat hair rolls neatly off your clothes and into a little gross hair pile when you just wet your hand and run it over your clothes a few times! It'll feel icky, but save you from buying those tape roller thingies.

Masud Khan said...

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