This is really the 30-day paper towel challenge...

OK, 3 days in and the only official trash that I've had is a sticker from my new jeans, a handful of bottle caps, a quaker instant oatmeal packet, a plastic knife, and a STACK of paper towels.

At work, the only hand-drying (or dish-drying) option is paper towels. As it turns out, the paper towels in the bathroom are pretty budget, so I typically take 3 (single-ply tri-fold) towels to dry my hands. So I figure, I probably wash my hands more than 5 times during the day. That's at least 15 paper towels a day. That's 75 towels per week.

I brought to washable hand-towels to work today. I'll do my best to use them instead.

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JP said...


So happy you are bringing your own washable towels to dry your hands. You know handkerchiefs dry alot faster than towels. Thats what I use. Check out my blog on the Handkerchief Project. If you would like to be a member I will add you to the list. Good luck!