The 30DNTC is hard. Don't let anyone fool you. Here is a summary of the events today:

9:00 AM
Get to work and MUST have a bagel. This was not an option. So I made a small cream cheese package trash (silver thingey in picture 2).

12:00 PM
Lunch. I made no trash! I now have the entire lunch crew on the no trash challenge. No stryrofoam trays, and recycle everything they use. The exceptions were Tommy who gets hot lunch with a styrofoam plate and plastic silverware and captain fantastic who complained about recycling . Shame Shame!

7:00 PM
Every month at work we have a team breakfast. I am making Mac and Cheese. Only now it is MAC and TRASH. First, I forgot my canvas bag so I had to carry the contents of Pict 1 to my car in my arms and pockets.

My mac and cheese recipe I have to give some respect to Jedd and his Mom's recipe that I got via Mon Mon the wife. It's blazin. However, it makes LOTS of trash.

It was a total MAC and TRASH as you can see in Pict 2. I had shredded cheese plastic, waxed paper from butter, ritz crackers wrapping, a Parmesan container and milk jug plastic. Shame shame on me!

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