Lesson Learned: Don't forget your lunch!

I forgot my lunch today. I was thinking no problem I'll get a salad at the cafeteria which I can recycle or reuse the salad container. I also brought silverware from the office to avoid plastic silverware.

I got my salad and then decided I should get some peas. So I get a side order of peas and wouldn't you know they came in a Styrofoam container. I could have died.

Anyways I took as much as I could from everyone else to recycle to make up for it. Which was two milk cartons, a paper sandwich container, and napkins.

Then I always chew gum at work. Well I have given it up for the month because it is not biodegradable. And no I am not going to swallow it. So after lunch I go to get a mint from friends in the office to have in place of the gum. No mints. So I accepted a hot ball. UGH it has plastic wrap!

This challenge is WAY harder than it seems. Thinking ahead is critical. Lesson learned for tomorrow. I won't be forgetting my lunch.

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trashed out said...

Check out the recycling center in Needham you should be able to recycle that hot ball wrapper in the "soft plastics". In Cambridge I bring all my soft plastics, food packaging, plastic bags, etc.
Check it out.Good luck !!