Lesson Learned: Don't forget to order lunch sans silverware

We switched up lunch today and hit up Finagle A Bagle. I brought my own silverware and napkins yay! I forgot to tell the lady not to give me plastic silverware, and she did, boo! Thankfully my friend needed some so it got used.

We recycled everything but the wax paper and plastic silverware. Why on earth is plastic silverware non-recyclable? For the love of god why?


plastic fanatic said...

For me I find plastic silverware to be good and recyclable. There is nothing wrong if we recycle them as long as it is clean and it can still be used.

Ashley said...

Well there is something wrong with it because despite it being recycled, it takes a lot of raw material to keep making new plasticware for you to buy and it takes a lot of water + processing for it to be broken down and recycled. Using "real" silverware is always the best choice because even though it has to be washed, it will have a much longer life than a piece of plastic.