It's Dump Day folks. Come rally round for some story time...

Saturday is dump day. I figured I would walk you through what doing to the dump is all about. Enjoy!
Here is our trash from the 13 days so far. I am waiting for trashed out to give me some ideas of how I can recycle all this plastic. Most everything in here are plastic bags of sorts.

You can see the plastic bags better once I open the box. Plastic is so evil.

Here is the trash that we made this week that we cannot save until the end of the challenge. 2 dog poop bags and small paintrollers we used and the bag they came in. Yes, we could wash out the rollers etc. but it takes sooooooo much water to wash them. So we are going out on a limb here and throwing them out. But considering we just primed and painted two rooms and that is all our trash. That's not too bad.

Erik with the trash.

This is the recyclable pile. Everything we used that we will recycle. Pretty good compared to the trash pile.

Thought you might like a close up of the compost. YUM YUM.

We enter the dump. As you can see in the way left hand side of the windshield there is a sticker. You must have this special sticker to enter the dump.

Erik first heads over with some beer bottles to the section where you recycle beer bottles or anything that you can get redeemed for. Usually there are kids working here collecting the cans for some fund raiser.

We played the wii last night and my remote needed new batteries. Here are the old ones.

I'll put them in the Lead Acid Battery section.

Not for the trash. Here are the two poopy bags and brush rollers. Where will I throw them?

Here is the bin for trash . Needham residents are required to buy special yellow bags to put our garbage in. If you do not use a yellow bag then you have to pay $5 per bag you throw away. Yellow bags are not cheap though . They are about $1.50 each. You can buy like 10 glad bags for that price.

I take the risk and throw my poop and paint rollers in the pile. I really don't think I should use a whole big yellow bad just to throw those away.

The co-mingle pile. This is where almost everything else goes. Bottled water, milk jugs, plastic containers, cans, and much more. They all live here and co-mingle together.

Next I am on to heavy cardboard. Your cardboard has to fit between the slots in this bin. So for example, if it were a box you would have to break it down and lay it flat to fit.

I am recycling 2 pizza boxes from lunch the other day. My friend I ate with said in his town you can't recycle pizza boxes because they have had food in them. Is this true? Has anyone ever heard of this?

This is the paper and light cardboard bin. It's getting full.

Here are our recyclables that I will put in the bin.

You can see that bin in the back ground now. It's being lifted up by a truck to go empty it. Then they bring back a new one.

Here is the truck driving away with all the recyclables light card board and paper on it.

There is even a whole place just for good will items.

A place to donate books.

A place for metal only. Here you see random stuff. Like old bed frames and other strange things.

Sadly this area was empty today. It's one of the most itneresting to see. It's for TV's, computers, glass, gas containers , and other odd stuff. I'll see if we can't get a better pict next weekend.

Here is where garbage only goes. So when they take the yellow bags they bring it here to this building. And dump it inside. Then once they do that a machine comes and mushes it all around sort of compacting it. I am not sure after that what happens. I might try to dig into that for a future post.

If you have logs you need to get rid of.

Here is the yard waste pile. So here you can dump grass, leaves, dirt, christmas trees, and compost.

I will now dump our two containers of compost.


Nice pile of compost. And behind that is the gras that is growing over one big pile of trash.

As we leave the dump there are always people collecting money.

Signs when you leave the dump. I always like to see how many tons Needham recycled each month. Like last month they recycled 404 TONS. This month and it is only the 14th they have recycled 445 tons already (that is just because everyone is back from the Cape).

Well we hope you enjoyed the dump pictures. There is also a yard sale section, wood pile and much more. I'll try to get some more picts of interest over the next few weeks.


Jessica said...

oh. my. lord. you can recycle everything there! lucky!! i don't know if you saw my august posts, but there are a few ideas there about what you might be able to do with all of that soft plastic...it's everywhere! getting crafty was the only way i could reduce my trash because recycling in hawaii is so very limited. anyways, just thought i'd let you know i am very impressed with you two and your thorough posts! keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I think I am going to be your idea person here...first the sticky lint roller and now about your Wii batteries. I work at Best Buy and you can buy a rechargeable package that comes with 2 or 4 rechargable battery packs and the 2 or 4 controller charger station in the Wii gaming aisle. It should be a part of the accessories area and that will save you batteries.

mel :)

Rebekah said...

1. FYI, apparently dog poop CAN be composted, if you are interested. Best not to be mixed with your food waste compost, obviously, because you do not want to use it on food crops, etc. But there are some cool ideas to be googled involving nearly-buried trash cans for dog waste, etc.

2. I have to agree with jessica that it is very cool to see a town cover so many bases for recycling and donation of all types of items. That is very impressive.

3. I am fairly sure that it is nearly universal that pizza boxes are not recycled. Unless your recyclers are super diligent about inspecting every item that goes through, they probably just toss out any pizza boxes automatically. I have heard this is because they are so likely to have grease or cheese, or both on them, that they won't even bother with any of them. In fact, I have heard that in some places anyway, an item like that might be considered to have "contaminated" the entire load it is in, and may cause other things to be dumped. Unless you can confirm your town accepts them, it is probably better to consider them trash. Or if you know the top, sides, etc are totally clean, maybe break off those parts and only toss the parts that are dirty.

esther said...

okay, I'll just be the bore that talks about tampax again, but do you actually trash them at all? (since flshing down the toilet is the thing not to do....)
and for the pizzaboxes, same thing overhere. We cannot recycle stuff that has had grease in it....

Amanda Crowe said...

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