Heel up, Reel up, Bring it Back Come Rewind!

We have not posted for a few days because we were at a Wedding in upstate NY with no internet or cell phone connection. So I am going Heel up, Reel up, Bring it back come rewind the weekend for you. Starting with Friday. I am going to do it in a few posts so none are too lengthy. Ready...

So normally Saturday is dump day. Since we were heading off to a wedding in NY I went Friday.

Picture 1: These are the 3 bags of recyclables that Erik and I produced.

Picture 2: These are HUGE IKEA bags that I have been using in the office to collect other peoples and my own recyclables. Like 3 times the amount of what Erik and I had to bring to the dump.

Picture 3: The trash pile. This is the trash that I am going to try to save until the end for us to see how much we have made. We are keeping it in this plastic shoe bin to give you some perspective. *NOTE: this is sans the dog poop. Picture 4 which we are throwing in the trash weekly. We cannot compost the poo but at least the bag is biodegradable.

Ok off to the wedding...

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