A few of my favorite things...

The things I am missing most during the no trash challenge:

  • Q-Tips - I like to use these to get the mascara off from under my eyes. And clean my ears. It's hard using a cloth for this.
  • Cotton balls to take my makeup off.
  • GUM - I haven't been chewing it because it is not biodegradable.
Oh and I did have to get new tires :( I hope they recycled my old ones or else I think I broke the record for the most trash during the challenge.

Next week is going to be sooooo hard. We are getting our floors redone. We have to hang PLASTIC throughout the entire house. Sheets might be a possible solution.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this will help but here are biodegradable and compostable cotton balls and swabs. :) mel

Masud Khan said...

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