Erik eats apple seeds. Will he grow an apple tree in his stomach?

To keep ourselves busy before the wedding we head to the farmers market. Obviously you have to buy some fruit, cheese, or wine. So Erik got an apple. As he is finishing here is how it went down:

Shannon: "Hun, what do you plan on doing with that core? You can't throw it away."
Erik: "Dude, I'll just eat it."

So he did. Enjoy the picts.

Oh, and P.S. After he ate this we reminisced some childhood memories. Did anyone ever tell you when you were a kid, that if you eat seeds, a plant will grow in you? I never like that story.

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esther said...

ha, that's so funyy! in Holland, when I was a kid, my grandma said the same thing! I always answered that that'd be great, so I could eat melons (that was the thing I was eating) whenever I wanted