Dia ocho de no basura

Like shannon said, aside from a few non-recyclable plastic champagne and punch glasses, even a party-heavy wedding weekend can be trash-free.

That said, this weekend continues to make it clear that there are somethings that are really tricky to avoid...

Here's my top-five-trickiest-trash to avoid list:

  1. Paper towels/tissues
  2. Plastic bags/wrap
  3. Straws
  4. Bottle caps
  5. Wine corks/caps

Clearly, I'm no scientist, but is it unreasonable to offer some soy-based alternative to some of these things?

Note: The Spanish title to this post inspired by Chad "Ocho Cinco".


Anonymous said...

You can buy Glass Straws at greenhome.com :) If you type in Glass Straws it will be the first search result.

shannon said...

thanks Mel. I had heard about those. One of my favorite things I have given up are straws. So this is such a good idea.