Day 9 trash total

Picture 1
All the trash so far except 2 lost champagne glasses and dog poop. I still think we can recycle some of this stuff. I need some help. Where do I find out what plastic bags are recyclable? I have LOTS of plastic in here.

Also can't I recycle the cheap-o Parmesan cheese cans? Seems like such a drag to have to throw those out.

Picture 2
I stuffed as much as I could of the trash into the shoe box. For now it still fits except the parm containers and bubble wrap.

Maybe I should compile a list this weekend of what is in here and see if you all can help me figure out how to recycle it. Like wine corks? bottle caps? plastic bags? dryer sheets?


trashed out said...

tomorrow I am going to post a picture of all the soft plastics you can recycle. I bet you will reduce half of what is in the plastic tub!

shannon said...

trashed out. don't forget to post the picts. the bin is almost full!

Elizabeth said...

You can send your wine corks to these people: http://www.yemmhart.com/news+/winecorkrecycling.htm

Rebekah said...

Any plastic bags that you got that are used for carrying purchases at stores can be at least taken back to a store that accepts them for recycling. Or if you feel crafty, there are quite a few neat ideas online about making things out of them.
Dryer sheets can be replaced in a couple of different ways. I plan to replace my box (which has lasted way over a year for some reason!)as soon as they run out. You can add slightly diluted vinegar to your wash as a fabric softener. Or, you can get those plastic(!) spikey ball things to use in the dryer to fluff clothes which keeps them from static. Those balls are very reusable at least.