Day 8 and we are kicking TRASH A**

We had a great trash weekend. We brought a huge IKEA blue bag and we saved almost everything we used to be recycled and produced very little trash (sorry we forgot to take a pict before shoving it all into our recycling bins...lesson learned). The trash list includes:
  • Red straw
  • 2 plastic champagne glasses
  • LOTS. Too many to count bottle caps (I can't imagine though these are not recyclable. Does anyone know?)
  • 2 bags from ice. Emily, darn you and your ice ;)
  • Plastic bag from sunflower seeds that Erik and Nate ate during the ride (I think you can recycle this though. I need to do more investigation about plastic bag recycling)
  • 1 plastic bag from pretzels. I HAD to eat these to soak up the wine after the wedding
  • 1 plastic lid on a serving size portion of Cheerios
Considering the opportunity for trashing on a wedding weekend away. We seriously kicked some trash a**.

We finished up the weekend by getting all local vegetables for the week. Here is the low down on the picts.

Picture 1: Canvas bag used to get veggies.

Picture 2: All the veggies I got. If I had not used that canvas bag I could have potentially used up to 10 small clear plastic bags (onions, corn, 2 types of lettuce, apples, you get the idea) to put veggies in. Plus the plastic bags to take the food home in. My guess is at least 4.

By using my canvas bag I guess I saved a minimum of 14 plastic bags from this trip.

Picture 3: As usual you kick trash a** and then you make trash. We make lentils for dinner about 100 times a year. I guess that means we throw about about 100 of these lentil bags a year. I guess we will have to look into getting lentils sans plastic bags.


Us! said...

If you have a HFS that has bulk bins, you could just bring little cloth bags and fill them up with the lentils!!

shannon said...

Hi US!

Totally agree. Great idea. We could just go once or twice a year and get lentils instead of buying a million small bags.

It would make my life easier from a shopping perspective and save all that trash.