Day 3 comes to a close

We have completed 3 days of the 30DNTC. Do you wonder how we do it?

Thankfully we have a recycling system already set up. In Needham we have no garbage pick up, so yes, we must bring everything to the dump once a week. FUN!

I'll keep you wondering about why and how the dump could be such chaos and fun. And believe me it is worth the pictures and wait. But for now I'll show you where it all begins. Pictured above our IKEA recycling bins. One for co-mingle (for you newbies that is plastics, cans, milk jugs, and various other plastics they co-mingle), the other is for light cardboard and paper.

I know you are all wondering:
  • When we remodeled the bathroom what did we do with the plaster, tile, and toilet?
  • What do we do with yard waste?
  • What about our good pal styrofoam?
Stay tuned for the next 27 days and our story will be told.

p.s. I would like to give a shout out to my friend Tom G. He asked the question: What do I use to blow my nose? Q & A session coming soon ... Do you have a question you would like to ask?

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Audrey said...

I hope you gave the right answer to Tom G - a handkerchief, not a tissue. They are hard to find in stores these days but earlier this year I did make two for myself. Not exactly pretty mind you but hey, it was a start.