My Perspective - A Daily Trash Savings Tally

The idea of this blog has been to get to a really small number of trash - zero. That's a lofty goal. My perspective is to spin it in the other direction. I'd like to get to a really big number of savings. I'm going to keep a tally of the number of items that I have reduced in trash production. 

Here at work we are spoiled with catered lunches of varying degrees of gourmet. At the beginning of the buffet line you are handed a paper napkin (fancy style) and paper plate (top-of-the-paperplate-foodchain chinet brand). At the end of the buffet line you'll find plastic utensils - spoons, forks, knives (sadly, no sporks).

My first order of business in my 30DNTC was to bring my own silverware and washable plates. I brought in a salad plate and small bowl, fork, knife, spoon, and washable towel for napkin.

Doing this alone, I figure to save the following:
  • 5 per week
  • 20 per month
  • 1040 per year
EACH of plastic forks, paper napkins and paper plates by one person. Now, the numbers compound for each other person at my office that does the same...

Today's trash savings tally:
2 paper napkins
2 paper coffee cups
1 plastic fork
1 plastic spoon
1 paper plate
7 total

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