Composting? To do or not to do?

We are trying to figure out. Should we compost or not? Add your comments please with your vote.

Here are some facts to help you make your decision:
  • We have a garbage disposal. So we could just put food down this.
  • The dump will only take fruits/veggies no meat or fish.
    So if we do compost we can only compost SOME of our food.
Also F.Y.I. picture above is my hand which I sliced while trying to get the pit out of an avocado into the compost (that I started for the challenge). Only I never take the pit out. Our disposal chops even pits. It's bad ASS. Well I was using a wussy knife and cut my hand while removing the pit. Only during the no trash challenge...so I had to use a band aid. Stay tuned for how I figure out to throw it away!


trashed out said...

Ughh! I had the same bandaid problem! Is there really any sanitary way to combat the bandaid?

trashed out said...

One more thing to add....
I say if you can you should definitely compost. A pound of compost is equal to a pound of carbon not released into the atmosphere. You can also throw wet and food soiled paper towels and paper napkins in there. Normally you can not throw any meat stuff in the compost (eggshells are ok) so it makes sense the dump wont take it. I wonder what happens to the food scraps in the garbage disposal after they get all chewed up? Does it go to the waste water treatment plant? I'm curious, I am going to look this up and get back to you.

plastic earthling said...

i vote for compost! it can be gross and a little tricky to figure out... what to cover it with, how to make it hot enough, are those flies normal?? but worth it. if you put it in the disposal, it goes to the wastewater treatment plant. before the water leaves the plant, it has to be "clean" so they put in a bunch of chemicals to break that stuff down and "neutralize" it, and spend a lot of energy getting rid of all that valuable compost! my friend used to work at the wastewater plant and she says it's best not to over-use the garbage disposal. too bad, they're so handy! but it's fun to feed the earth and put nutrients back into the system.