Busy busy busy little recycling bees

Well you haven't heard from us for a day because we are mastering the trash challenge. We have been busy busy busy little recycling bees and producing no trash.

Some major trash items we avoided were selling our furniture on craigslist. We sold the following: couch, chair, ottoman, coffee table, and sofa table.

Why did we sell it? We just need to revamp with new and smaller stuff that fits in the petite palace.

With an empty house we decided to eat out at the Dunn and Gaherin's Restaurant. LOVE this place and they love the paper products. We got paper napkins and place mats. Don't worry though we took them home for the recycling.

Oh and Erik did have a complete lunch fail with trash today. He mentioned something about plastic silverware and a disaster. I think he will be reporting on this soon.

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