Bubble Wrap???

So last weekend we were at my parents house for the holiday. They loved the no trash challenge idea. They teased they would send me a package every day filled with styrofoam, plastics, and all sorts of other evil.

Well turns out I forgot my toothbrush there. Obviously I could just get a new one. But it was electric fancy pants one so I was like just ship it. We all agreed just wrap it in paper so there would be no recycling. The toothbrush arrived today and they shipped it in bubble wrap (Dad and Beth I do love you) but that was evil evil evil.

So to summarize the trash from today:
  • Big ass mother bubble wrap package
  • Had to open toilet paper so there is plastic wrap from that (and yes I know you all want to know about TP and it will be discussed in the Q&A session coming up)
  • Edamame plastic bag - possibly recyclable
  • We cleaned out our beach bag from the summer and there was a plastic handle from a little beach table we have that broke off and a plastic coffee stirrer
Shannon's total of the day = the above
Erik's = two beer caps

p.s. I just want to note that I went to the mall and bought 2 sweaters, t-shirt, jeans, and 2 suits for Erik and I am sure the only trash I will have is those little plastic things they attach the tags with. No plastic bags!


Kate said...

Hey Shannon, nice work! btw those plastic bags at the toilet paper comes in, here in New York, we take them to the grocery store where they recycle all the grocery store plastic bags... Price Chopper :-).

:: A S K :: said...

I usually keep packing material like that for when Christmas or other gift-giving times come around and I need stuff like that. Same with any significant amount of ribbon, tissue paper, etc.

trashed out said...

Whole Foods recycles soft plastic too. All plastic bags, edamame and other food packaging and bubble wrap!
Bring it all over there the next time you go food shopping.

bloogler said...

Sooooo...with only 2 minutes to gather packaging and wrap, I believe I did an extraordinary job returning your hitech plaque pulverizer to it's home. I had to assume it would be severely abused in standard shipping (bent, dropped, run over)and therefore, made every effort to avoid any damage. I thought my choices were quite ingenious. Let's think about this...the weak part was cushioned with a chamois cloth (washable, multipurpose, reusable) to prevent breakage before inserting it into a cardboard paper towel tube which I took from MY recycling (pass it forward). The only 'cushy' envelope I had was a bubble wrap one made with recycled paper. Most of the bubble envelope was not written on and could be reused and sent on to someone else (my regular practice).
BTW, I addressed the envelope with shale rock crushed from my beach, walked barefoot to the post office while drinking well water from a reusable bottle I’ve had for 30 years (which I intend to ‘will’ to you), stopped along the way to help some elderly cross from the senior center over to the beach side of the road, returned a fallen baby bird to it’s nest along the road moments before an electric powered recycle truck would have run over it, then returned home to check on my solar made lemonade and begin cutting my old, worn bedsheets into 1” strips to braid them into rugs.
Now what about that wasn't good? (note rhetoric) I will keep it nice and stop here. Admit it, if I had made any effort to make it ‘bad’, you would have received quite the delivery. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

goobler said...

good intentions, good effort. lol