We have an August Challenger!

I know that Dayva was ready to take the blog on again for the next month, and I hope she still shares the "starter kit" with us, but I'm excited to welcome Jessica to the Challenge! Jessica is an artist located in Honolulu, Hawaii, and will be our August 30-day No Trash Challenge participant! You can check out some of her glass work for sale here on Etsy.

Good luck Jessica!


trashed out said...

OH Happy Day! I absolutely love Jessica! Welcome, welcome. I can't wait to start reading all of her posts. I will definitely still post the starter kit for all of those people who are interested but still may be on the fence.
Big thanks going out to Jessica. I hope you and Ashley get to meet when Ashley travels to Hawaii next week.

Jessica said...

thanks dayva!! ashley, will you be stopping on oahu at all?

:: A S K :: said...

Well ... I don't really know what my plans are! I will be working on the island of Hawaii from the 13th-15th but I'm going to stay for an extra 4-5 nights ... probably on the same island.

I don't have a ticket yet (work is waiting for estimate approvals), so I haven't really made plans!