i am about to fail miserably on this challenge! i tried desperately not to get this new dream job, even putting the wilted lettuce from the starbucks sandwich in my pocket (oh horror as if i didn't smell bad enough after bike riding town and blowing glass all day.)

but alas now i am gainfully employed as a teacher's assistant by an amazing glassblowing program at a very prestigious school in downtown honolulu. good lord! my life is really changing! it's been the same for SO long! so i need a new place to live, pronto. preferably in makiki, and preferably a place to myself. come on world, cough it up! cause literally i am about to have to financially. dayva, i so wish i could just move into yours and faith's old place!

anyways, but i...how in the EFFF am i gonna move and not make trash??? any tips kids?
and whoa my time just got so limited. now i have to operate my business, start a new job, and make no trash. wish me luck!

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trashed out said...

Just by being mindful of the move will help reduce the trash you make. Taking the extra time to make two piles keep and no keep. Than taking the little extra time to bring all the no keeps to the Goodwill. Yard sales are also a great way to make a little extra cash and lighten your load as well.
Good luck I know you will do great.