just kidding, it's not that bad. hi it's me jess again and good lord i am TIRED. commuting, using up all that petrol, working workin workin! i've been bad, it's true. the other night i got home after some 12 hour day PLUS drive time and i totally threw out the *horrors and shivers* styrofoam coffee cup from zippies that my well-meaning and wonderful customer bought me that morning. AND this afternoon i bought steak plate from malama which totally comes in a stryofoam standard container. what is going through my head??? why did i not have my coffee cup with me that morning? why did i not bring a container with me to malama? well, all i can do is try to do better. and i keep laughing at myself for these little breakdowns. i mean, before this challenge, making trash was just a part of life. now it's something i'm overly concious of and conscientious about, which is a huge improvement, and not likely to change just because the end of the month is looming.
i totally found a place to live. and it's close enough to my new workplace that i can easily walk. i timed it today, it's between 1o and 20 minutes. signed a lease and everything! so that's good news. i'm trying to start packing, but again, have i mentioned i'm a wee bit tired?
an extra special thanks to dayva and ashley for helping me pick up the slack! i am excited about the breaths of fresh air they are infusing into this blog, new challengers and good information!
will anyone mind if i continue to post the artwork i'm making from recyclables? i have a feeling this is a theme that will be hard to escape, and i would love to share the progress i hope to make once i have a more dedicated studio space (in town!) woohoo!
oh! and i heard they completely banned plastic bags on maui. we're making progress out here slowly but surely it seems...

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