shake it baby show me what you workin with

i did this just as much for you as for me! i can never remember what they accept here as far as recyclables. it's limited, it is. once my family leaves, i plan on doing some research about recycling within this state. i've always heard rumor that it's pointless out here, that there is no facility that actually recycles so all this sorting is in vain and everything ends up in a landfill. i have a hard time believing this, especially with foundations like kokua and the schools being involved. i feel like i'm about to be an artist moonlighting as an investigative reporter.

speaking of being an artist, i also have another project lined up for myself for this month. i sell my glass artwork through two sites, etsy.com and ebay.com. i have usually favored etsy, but i recently learned that ebay will donate percentages of profit to the foundation of your choosing. there are a few designs that scream for this: the bonsai tree designs i make need to benefit the environment and the heart designs need to benefit victims of domestic violence.
i already feel quite fulfilled by my career on so many levels, but adding this donation option will help me feel like these little glass things are serving some greater good.

here's something delicious i whipped up for my mom, sister, and roommate the other day...starfruit, apple banana, mango, pineapple, and banana lilikoi...all from local farmers, and from our own harvest (my raw foodie friends should be very very proud). the optional drizzle of yogurt did come from the grocery store but at least it was brown cow cream top and i always reuse the containers for paint when i do murals.

by the way, i'm pretty proud about the lack of trash from the past few days. sunday the waiter at cholos was too efficient and whisked away my plate before i could hide the paper napkin and tiny plastic container from guacamole in my purse...something great i've been noticing is that i keep on joining the clean plate club! especially when we have gone out to eat, i'm ordering with more conciousness about what is the right amount of food. it would be okay to have leftovers, because one of the best changes that has occurred in haleiwa town since i moved here over 5 years ago is this: styrophobia. to go containers are no longer epidemic! check www.styrophobia.com for more information.

another cool blog i came across: lifeonplasticearth.blogspot.com
katie is making me consider things i never paid much attention to. packaging and plastic are everywhere! and, she may be interested in trying out this challenge as well. exciting!
a cool site that she turned me on to: www.cosmeticsdatabase.com

guilty admission: i ate something off a paper plate yesterday before i thought about it. and i went to the movies and had quite a bit of the popcorn and soda my mom bought for us all. enough to feel like 1/3rd of the waste was mine:(

next up, composting! i'm learning so much during this crash course...


plastic earthling said...

ooo I have heard that too, that recycling is a big challenge for Hawaii. I can't wait to see what you find out! wow what a great idea about switching vendors so that some proceeds go to great causes- my 2 favorites. I am learning so much from this blog!

Nineteen Owls Photography said...

This is so cool! Good job Jessica. I'm excited to read about your progress leading a trashless life in a trashed world. You make me want to try it.....