rough week

ok i'm past halfway. i think i can do this.

crazy Crazy week. my life is up and down, highest highs lowest lows. the low is bad. my car!! you don't even want to know. but something amazing is happening too...

so i'm quick to admit that this completely trash free thing is totally impossible. it's not normal. i'm already weird enough k! going anywhere where they have anything is completely productive in the trash department. so anyways, in a place where not much is recyclable and most of that recycling occurs elsewhere, i am truly trying to find some sort of "trash self-sufficiency." perhaps trash truly can be a part of my repertoire as an artist! this idea about the art i want to make is huge and all consuming...people are digging the wallets i'm starting to make, and are wanting to see bags. i need to go get a respirator, even though i kinda like the smell of warm plastic. but i have a whole other idea...wanta see where i'm at now? getting closer...it's just a rough sketch...but just wait.

stitching this recycled paper (next batch i'm gonna add some blue felt and see what happens) to fused plastic to create contours of silhouetted landscapes and cityscapes with lampworked flowers stitched on, stretched on canvas. oh my lord where did this idea come from???
from this blog. i'm so excited.
even though this

looks rather daunting.
it's not. it's not even that much! just the 2 bags in the middle. and most of it i can turn into recycled paper or plastic fabric.

but. there is one serving of mac and cheese i couldn't finish in the back of the fridge, along with a half thing of kidney beans, and half of some costco size thing of ham in the lunch meat drawer. should i let them sit in there till the end of the month, or make some trash? and speaking of costco and trash, today i was so starving there was nothing else i could do but shove a slice of costco 1.99 pizza into my system. my friend was like arent you going to blot the grease off that and i looked horrified, 'but i don't want to have to carry around that napkin.' so i ended up with some spurt of grease at the end that fell onto my face. sick!!!!! but i just went to the bathroom there and washed my hands and face and used no paper towel and instead used the extra water on my hands to style my hair. and i rolled up the paper plate and foil and carried them home for some washing and reusing. (don't tell, but i am so very tired of washing and reusing).

now i know this sounds crazy, but i still have a job! so forgive me for spending some time with this...

saving my glass scraps for some future meltdown fusing extravaganza...

and wondering if my days on the north shore are suddenly numbered...


trashed out said...

Jessica you are an inspiration to all of us! I just love the crafty things you are doing with the paper and plastic. I will totally buy one of those wallets. Do you have an Etsy page? Great post. You are doing an excellent job with the challenge.

Tracey Smith said...

Hi there - too right you're doing a great job.

I say guilt is the most destructive emotion. You should cut yourself some slack my friend.

We need to ditch the guilt for what we 'aren't' doing and feel good about what we 'are'!

All the best with your personal goals.


Jessica said...

thanks you guys!

dayva, i do have an etsy page. it's JessicaLandau.etsy.com
but i don't have the wallets in production quite yet. i'm working on it but life is creating quite a few interruptions! (aka see new blog) i'll let you know once i have a few available, and more pictures up!

tracey, thank you for your inspiring words. i am constantly giving myself ridiculous guilt trips, and need someone to remind me to Stop and just do the best i can!