paper or plastic

is this what armageddon looks like?

"and i'm knocking on the doors of your hummer, humma..."
i must admit my vision of the future is bleak, at best.

but what if this garbage is just a blossom, and from it comes some wild fruit...

fusing plastic is totally addictive. for a tutorial, check http://etsylabs.blogspot.com/2007/05/long-overdue-fusing-plastic-bag.html
or check with me for availability, because i have, oh, a million and one ideas about this. it's like layering paint, only it's plastic! it's like a collage only it lasts. and i have always made wallets, it's just that before i used scraps of tyvek. this is waaaay better. $20 who's got $20 right!

yeah i know, i'm all blingin with my love's bakery supercuts granola wrapper wallet. don't hate!

>paper or plastic<

^^^^^^tell me what to do about this...is this awesome like this? should i stitch it up and hang it like a quilt? should i paint or draw on it? add tiny glass trees to it? sandwich it between sheets of glass and build a frame? i've been staring at it all day. this is the majority of the trash i made during the first week and a half of this month, mostly single ply boxes into handmade paper and plastic bags into fused plastic composites. i love it. if you would like to learn how to make handmade paper, check

hot dogs, chicken tenders, pepperoni, sausage, yeah basically i'm just eating processed meats so i don't have to throw out no bones. this meal was great. i saved the single ply pizza box for the next papermaking, put the corrugated underthingy in with recycling, reused the plastic as fused 'fabric,' and all of the veggies came from the farmers market so there was no packaging there...

the only thing i've thrown away at all recently is the disgustingness of the dish drain after doing dishes. that's it. i'm saving everything else, and either gonna find a use for things, or figure out some way to send things to be recycled. it just seems like the carbon footprint to send things to the mainland for recycling would be too huge. but i really don't know how i could reuse these stupid things, like what maybe i could use this empty shaving cream can as a pretend microphone in the shower? i don't think so...and the lids and bottlecaps are adding up too...


:: A S K :: said...

ooo look at you!

I think you should frame the paper/plastic creation! Check out this link & 3rd photo down ... this couple took the lid of a cardboard box and framed it because they liked the look of the duct tape, labels and handwriting. Reminds me of your piece.


Masud Khan said...

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