cement and plastic sittin in a tree

in the beginning there was a new beginning...more than just some empty nest. more than just walking on eggshells. we saw so many eggshells along that path...

how can people not appreciate this planet, in all of it's fragility...

too bad my dad and brother didn't get to share in the family fun this past week. i wish my brother didn't have school and work, and that my father didn't hate plane rides and / or hawaii. see hawaii really does suck as far as hiking along trails and seeing trash. dad, i don't think i can do much about getting rid of the sand that you hate. sorry. i understand cause i inherited a little bit of your irritation with grit on the floor. but now i'm hooked on picking up litter, at least. a tiny little impact one person can have, but i can see it, and that matters! maybe one day people here will take the trash out of the woods, and off of the beach instead of vice versa.

now this is weird.

i'm gonna put the trash out tonight. there's still a lot in the thingie but i do have a roommate and i did have houseguests, and it smelled like a lot of it was from before. yum! later today, i plan to ride my bike up the way with the recycling because this...

...is useless. more of a yard decoration than anything actually getting used. why did they even bother to put these at people's houses if they don't actually pick up?? do they?
anyways, it's no problem. i need to take a bike ride, i have orders to drop off at the post office, and i should give my little economical car a break for a second.

glamour shot!

sorry world but i do love having a car! i just only like to use it for adventures and work. that's it. errands, little visits to friends can easily be done by bike. i love being utilitarian about the bike riding, combining responsibilities with exercise just makes good sense.

kerplunk is the sound of the lilikoi hitting the ground, i have a second ear for it like i do for the postal truck.

here is the neighborhood compost pile! i took all of the compostables out of the freezer and walked with my neighbor, emily, for the first dumping. yup you just throw it right here. smells pretty rich!
composting is easy, just don't put any meat products out there. eggshells are good though.
you can bring a shovel and bury things, or you can come back later and watch the birds have a feeding frenzy. i would recommend the latter.

composting was immediately rewarding. not only did i discover a breadfruit tree on the property, i also found a small broken purple plastic star with a smiling face. awww. i LOVE trashed toys, and have quite a collection of funny things from my walks into haleiwa. near the school i always find the best stuff, like calculators that have been run over. this was one of the best parts of being carless for 8 months last year. my collection just grew and grew.

ah yes i found a use for that brown cow container already!

i'm gonna make paper. now all of the paper or cardboard i can't recycle will find a new home. not really sure exactly how to do this, although i've made beautiful paper before...for now i'm just soaking some would be trash in water, and thinking. something about creating the packaging for the artwork i make. anything. some way to use this crap.

rinsing bags, and thinking.

this is all going to add up soon. all of these things i cannot throw away. i don't want to make junk art! it always looks, well, junky. plastic bag wallets with bottlecap details? i don't know what to do. weave plastic bags? how come i can't recycle these things?? this is gonna make me crazy.

pop quiz:
which one of these bottles can you recycle?

soft sucks!! soft squishable containers do not have a recyclable emblem on them, and the symbol on the hard plastic one was almost undetectable. i had to fully take off the lid. just so you don't have to, it's the one on the left.

air dry.

dern. why'd i have to notice a plastic bag floating way far out. made for some good exercise, specially since that was all it was. once i got out there i realized it was a plastic milk jug and it was attached to ropes and nets. *sigh* at least other people are reusing too!


trashed out said...

Absolutely FANTASTIC post! I love the idea of taking the old paper and making new paper. I know one recipe where you toss it al in the blender or something..... I don't remember specifically so when you start please post so I can try it too!!

:: A S K :: said...

ooo so many pretty pictures!

RE: plastic bags ...
You can make plastic bag fabric!
Here's a tutuorial:

:: A S K :: said...

ooooo check out this contest ...

maybe you can use your trash to create a craft project to enter into the contest!

plastic earthling said...

jessica your pictures are beautiful! and hooray!! i've been trying to figure out how people make that plastic bag fabrique. i'm soo making that.

Jessica said...

thanks you guys! the paper project was amazingly successful, i'm more inspired right now about recycling materials into artwork than i am about glass and painting. wait, did i just say that?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you go on Etsy.com and see if anyone makes products using those items? You could email them and send them the bottle caps, etc and then they would be re-used and you wouldn't have to be the one using them over :)

Masud Khan said...

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