August 1st

Howdy No Trash Challenge readers! I am back and in full effect... That is until some one new decides the are up for the challenge. Big thanks goes out to Ashley for stepping up last month and doing a most fabulous job! She made this blog look better than i ever could.
Sadly no one has come forward for August yet (no worries we have someone for September)so I have decided to keep posting for all of our loyal readers.
This week I will be posting a No Trash Challenge starter kit. I will post the items and you go out and find them,buy them,borrow them, whatever. This will help you get started with a bang and maybe encourage more people to join the challenge. Also to sweeten the pot I am working on some special limited addition t-shirts that will be yours free but only if you complete the 30 challenge. Exciting right?!
So keep reading and stay tuned.


:: A S K :: said...

I don't mind keeping up with contributing as well ... we are starting a "GREEN TEAM" at work so maybe I can post about that and changes people can make at work to try to create less trash there!

And I hope I get a T-shirt!

Who's designing it?? :)

:: A S K :: said...

maybe we should do totes ! for grocery shopping.