and in the dream

and in the dream, i got the bouquet i ordered at the farmer's market, but it wasn't worth it. something about it just seemed subpar. i woke up mouthing words, saying to myself that it wasn't going to unfold to my expectation. a custom work that crosses the line and makes me turn money away on it's heel, a place that isn't exactly the one i wanted. details unattended to. mistexts. needing help from everyone but can't ask.
yes it may sound like trash, this life. but the flower arrangement is perfecto.

you have to order them a week in advance, but it's totally worth it. available from george at the country market at sunset beach elementary every saturday. he's the one with the hat and galoshes. grows every morsel himself. $7. bring back the container for a refill, get $2 off. it's only the best farmer's market ever! the vendors are limited in that all items must be made in hawaii. with tons of talented artists to boot...

i have made two exciting sales in the past week or so...to wonderful people on the mainland through my website.

^^^detail from Pine Boxes and Pillows

^^^But None to Drink

But None to Drink is a prediction about the lack of sustainability in this complex world, referencing the widespread water shortages and inspired specifically by the drought in the southeast last fall. the one that finally killed the well on my family's land. a memory from childhood, the crackled surface of dried up mud in the driveway, rust.

Pine Boxes and Pillows goes in a different direction. more layering and patterning, more personal. a postmodern assessment of the traditional concepts of gender being abandoned, yet all we are left with is a power struggle. and we all lose. but we do not move, don't even budge. and then we're found inside a window, inside a box. but not in the ground, the way it would have been had we followed you.

i am drawing a line here, connecting some dots. i am forging a connection here, the connection of understanding our roles and responsibilities of showing appreciation and respect: as human beings to one another, and to our environment. 'the personal is political' see. (c. hanisch, 1969)

ok so here's the bottom line...
i got some trash here, right here.
a month's worth. this is it.

gonna try to do something with these items...i must admit, i'm astounded. there's not even enough stuff here to fill one grocery bag! and hey maybe these things are recyclable in your neighborhood. a lot of these items were marked with that possibility, but as i probably mentioned 82 times, the islands are limited. so this is what i might throw out tomorrow, or the next day in case anyone has any ideas of how to reuse. and some of it i will rip or cut into tiny pieces and add to the pulp on my next papermaking day.

the rest of my 'leftovers' are a bit more inspiring though...

a bag of lids,

and some other dope raw materials...

i can't wait to see what's next...

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trashed out said...

Way to go Jessica! Not much trash at all. You have been such an inspiration! Keep up the mindful living and feel free to stop back and post whenever you like.