10 steps forward, 30 steps back!

sooo...here goes...hi i'm jessica landau and yes, living 30 days without making trash is gonna be hard. crazy. next to impossible.

Day 1:
just like any other, except for in the morning when i wake up to my hair falling out (don't panic i have a lot of hair and it always does this), i did not use a scrap of toilet paper to remove it from the sink and throw it in the trash. instead i scooped it with my hand and threw it out into my front yard for the birdies to make a nest with...
and speaking of TP, well, here goes:
my mom and sister are visiting me in hawaii right now. less than ideal time for me to take the challenge in some ways. but the bottom line is, if i waited around for the right time to go trash-free, it might never happen! mostly i worry about us eating out which is something i don't usually do much of. so on august 1st, when we decided to take a hike up the hauula loop trail (aka day 1), i decided to pick up all of the trash i saw along the trail to make up for any i might make along the way during this challenging month. i found interesting bits of plastic and just a whole bunch of cigarette rubbish, remnants of contraband, bottles, cans, the usual. feeling so green and proud right! until, Until...we were taking a break in a windy spot with drop-offs on either side and sitting down, i was rifling through my backpack for the sandwiches someone wanted when the entire brand new still in the plastic roll of kirkland toilet paper rolled out and tumbled straight down the cliff!!! dern.
well, at least the rest of the day was completely trash free. oh yeah, except for that lambchop bone from my dinner *sigh* i know i know what is a non-vegetarian doing even acting green. plus i don't know any dogs that might want such things. can't compost that! but at least we ate at home and composted everything else...

Day 2:
quite the grumpy day with an early morning and a tiny bit of trash collected during the assembly and sale of several pieces of art. i won't get into it, but i did save these little odds and ends for future photographs (unlike that lambchop bone, and / or that dirty der mess of trash from the hike which got recycled and / or thrown away)...my mom went out for the evening to a religious meeting with her friends here, and my sister and i enjoyed our only evening of "just us" for probably the entire year. merrh. she wanted to eat an avocado burger at kua aina in haleiwa, the town in which i live...so we made a deal to split the burger, fries, and drink with me paying for the half that was food and her paying for the half that was trash. yes, i know this is cheating. i am reminded of something from an earlier post in this blog, perhaps in the dayva days, something about you pay for it now or you pay for it later. or who are you cheating when you cheat on this challenge...the earth.
well i guess i'll make up for this one later. perhaps since this is a 30 day challenge, and since august has 31 days, i'll not kill myself over the slip up!

sky, land, and sea.
oh man i gotta do better today!
oh AND
check these guys out...
coincidence that they are aiming for hawaii?


:: A S K :: said...

nice first post ~ that Junk Raft is crazy! Cool idea. Do you know when they're supposed to land in Hawaii? You've got to add that to the blog roll!

Rebecca said...

not too bad of a start. ;)
good luck, august!

trashed out said...

I love that you picked up trash on the trail. My neighborhood sidewalk is constantly littered with trash. During my 30 days I had wanted to do a little street cleaning but I never got around to it. You just inspired me to go out there and pick up trash!
I love your posts. Don't forget to add lots of pictures to illustrate the process. I am a total voyeur.

Nineteen Owls Photography said...

Junkraft is gonna be landing at the end of August.

Jessica said...

christen! what's the word on the junkraft welcome? are they aiming for oahu?