Weekend trash report & the MBTA

I'm happy to report that I had a fairly trash-free weekend.

On Saturday, I had a lazy morning, then took the commuter rail from Boston to Manchester-by-the-Sea on the North Shore. It's a charming little beach town with an equally charming beach called Singing Beach. Ahhhh. It is named for its unusual sand, which squeaks or "sings" beneath your feet.

I took my bike with me on the train, knowing that the walk from the train stop to the beach can be a bit of a schlep. It's not far, but on a hot day, with your beach tote in tow, it can be a drag. Plus it was just a faster way for me to get to the train station in the first place. However, upon boarding, I found that the train was not equipped with bike racks. So myself and the other 10 biker owners had to awkwardly maneuver our bikes to "sit" on the seats. The train attendant explained that the "bike train", which has one car lined in bike racks, departs at 10:15 (I was on the 12:15). Oooh I'm sorry. So I'm trying to save money and gas and the environment by riding my bike and taking public transportation but you can't accommodate that? I love it. The MBTA encourages you to use public transportation but then asks "why don't you just bike the whole way?" Meanwhile, the car was empty aside from the people with bikes. So why is it that they can't convert more trains to be bike-friendly? Typical MBTA. I'm sure they'd be really pleased to have their seats all torn up from our gears and pedals. And they're losing money this way—I got a free ride—I think the attendant felt bad because he knew it was so inconvenient and frustrating. I'm sure the MBTA will hear about this one way or another. There were some pretty pissed-off people. Don't mess with bikers!

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