Week 1 Trash

Wow I feel like I've been so absent! I've just had 2 really busy days.

Anyway, week 1 is officially over and I'm ready to present my trash to you. Unfortunately, yesterday was a really crazy day at work and I had a lot of stuff to present—which means generating trash. For those of you who don't know, I work in advertising as a designer. What that means, is that while I'm here blogging about ways to save the world by not using paper towels, I'm printing out pages and pages of brochures and other work. I'm the biggest tree killer ever! :(
It's hard to avoid, but I have been trying to be more conscious of how often I print and waiting until I absolutely have to see something on paper. The problem is that with type setting and colors and all of that—they look completely different on paper than they do on screen, so it really is necessary to check those things as you go along.

Well I'm sure what you're all waiting to see is my trash. So here it is: WEEK 1 — July 1-8.

So what's there? In a somewhat clockwise manner...
2 dryer sheets
1 paper wrapper from butter
2 clumps of plastic wrap (1 from watermelon, 1 from fruit fly trap attempt)
1 bag from Smoked Salmon - purchased prior to challenge
1 container with hair and polyester fuzz from the carpet in my room (the thing sheds worse than a cat) ... the hair is compostable but because it takes years and years to degrade, I chose not to add it to my compost because we might harvest the compost sometime before then and I'd prefer not to have clumps of hair throughout my dirt!
1 container from the coffee maker at work - coffee grounds are compostable and plastic container is recyclable, I just haven't pulled it apart yet
paper from back of stamp
5 bottlecaps
little yellow sticker - not sure from where
thing from bottom of raspberry container
bits of tape from failed fruit fly trap
1 cotton round
2 plastic straws
1 sticker wrapper from green onions
plastic closure from bag of sugar
bit of green stuff from sponge
plastic closure from heavy cream
1 q-tip
fruit stickers (i think i lost some)

And the garbage from making "comps" of my work:

we have a machine that puts sticky stuff on paper so that you can bind things together ...
and this is what's left after you take the paper off - waxy backing that I don't think is recyclable and plastic top sheet.

And 3 chicken drumsticks wrapped in foil (they had been in my fridge since before the challenge ... and were not good to keep or eat. These were put in the outside trash immediately)

Whatcha think?


Melissa said...

I think you did very well for your first week! It might be worth checking to see if that waxy paper can in fact be recycled. Everywhere is different, but our rule here is "anything that tears" so it might be ok.

trashed out said...

Way to go Ashley! Not only is there not much trash but it is pretty too! the plastic wrap and plastic bag from the salmon can be recycled if you bring it to the recycling center. Cambridge has one so I am assuming JP does too? Good luck on your trip!