Trash to Treasure III

Ever wondered what to do with all of your used post it notes? Living in a rented space and unable to paint? Perhaps this "Wall of Notes" can provide some inspiration for a new home design project!

Next up are these fabulously remade vintage chairs by Annie Coggan. As she notes on her blog, each chair was "rescued from a yard sale or an antique shop where it sat by itself" and then reworked into the amazing pieces you see here. Beautiful. Genius.

And lastly, I wanted to share another piece of brilliance, this one by Jeremiah Pasternak of Pasternak Antiques in Rockland, ME. He took a vintage Bertoia chair and reworked it by adding approx 1500 hand-cut strips of scrap craft foam. Makes for a very Dr. Suess-esque piece!

So where can you get something to work with?
How about heading out to the Grafton Flea Market this weekend (if you're in the Boston area)?

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