Trash to Treasure II

I wanted to build upon one of Dayva's previous posts about found apartment furnishings, because I too, have furnished pretty much my entire apartment with stuff from Craigslist, other thrift/vintage stores, estate sales or found for free.

My Mom owns a consignment shop in Connecticut and I spent a lot of time there when I was growing up—from the days I spent in a crib by my Mom's side as she worked, to my days as a teenager earning some money working for her. So I guess the whole thrifting thing is in my blood! But really, there is something so rewarding about finding those treasures. It just doesn't feel the same when you go into IKEA. Even the IKEA table I have, I purchased from someone on Craigslist! And not to mention that it gives you a good story. But the dig definitely takes some dedication, an eye for the diamond in the midst of a lot of cubic zirconia or at least a willingness to take a risk on something, patience in putting it all together and maybe even doing some refinishing touches of your own. And if you're like me and you don't have a car, a Zipcar membership can be your best friend.

Shown here is a photo of my living room ... the only things bought new in this room were the curtains, the rug, the 6 black frames on the wall and a couple other small accessories. The couch was a street find—as in FREE—because the neighbors threw it to the curb when they were moving out. The turquoise coffee table and orange chair were Craigslist finds. The small table by the window and the vintage credenza were both my grandmother's. And the art in the center of the wall above the couch was also free from a different neighbor!

This is another favorite Craigslist find and a great conversation piece. Everyone who comes into our house comments on this lamp. Unfortunately this isn't the best photo of it (in an old apartment), but it's a vintage arc lamp. Part teak with a marble base.

Lastly, for now, a set of mid-century chairs that were my grandmother's and which I gave new life with a very simple re-upholstery job. While I really lucked out in getting these free, you can find stuff like this any day on Craigslist or in a variety of other places. Page down for some more resources. To the right, a lamp found at Boomerang's, a Jamaica Plain thrift shop. I've since changed out the shade for a more simple, modern one (without pleats). Small changes like that cost very little and can make a big difference.

Resources (I'll add more later - all my bookmarks are on a different computer):
Machine Age
Cambridge Antique Market
Salvation Army

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