Recycled glass

Although I've gone a little off-track with my no-trash month, I still want to keep up the blogging and share a few things with you from my trip. But starting tomorrow I'm going to try to get back on track. I still haven't heard from anyone as to who's going to step up to the challenge for August!! Who's it going to be?!

While in Mexico, we had the opportunity to visit the glass factory in Cabo San Lucas. I've seen glass blowing before so that was no big deal, but it's still always nice to visit a local shop where you can see the artists at work and purchase their goods in support. You know the items are made right there on location, unlike a lot of the tourist shops where you might question the "authenticity".

What's also nice is that they use recycled, lead-free glass. I failed to get a snap shot, but out back they had piles and piles of broken glass collected from various sources. That's cool and another reason why I have no problem buying a few things. I'd rather get some nice Christmas presents for people from places like this than go out a week before Christmas and just CONSUME trying to find stuff at the mall. It's a lot more fun and thoughtful to collect things throughout the year as you come across them.

The facade of the building also showed a few nice examples of ways in which glass can be recycled without melting it down and blowing a beautiful vase. I loved how they embedded vases in the brick walls—some randomly placed and some more thoughtfully arranged—and used broken pieces in a mosaic floor. I really like the combination of the green glass with the terracotta grout.


Melissa said...

I'm personally a little bit out straight for August, but I'll do a post and see if I can send anybody this way...

Anthony David (Jacques) said...

This glass art is really beautiful. Glad I came across your blog.

:: A S K :: said...

Melissa - thanks! Doesn't seem as though either of us have garnered any interest, but what can you do?

Anthony - thanks for stopping by ~ it was a cool place to visit! For some more photos you can visit my Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/askdzign/