my garden : mi jardín

Lots of green!
When I began this challenge, I believe I told you about my garden. Well I have an update! Nothing is ready for harvest yet (aside from the herbs), but soon I will have an abundance of organically grown tomatoes (3 kinds), peppers (red, orange and yellow), cucumber and lettuce.
I'm not sure why the lettuce is taking so long ... I thought it would mature in 2 weeks. Maybe I planted too many seeds in each hole. They are sprouting but I thought they would be in my tummy by now!

The reason why most of my things are planted in pots is because of the suspected lead in the dirt in this area. Next year, hopefully most of my dirt can be supplied by my compost!

I'm lucky to have this space to garden in an urban area ... but even if you aren't afforded this luxury, you can still grow some of these things indoors in pots by windows. Or if you're really ambitious, look into building your own indoor greenhouse!


Amy Flanagan said...

You garden looks like heaven. How do you ever leave to come to work?

:: A S K :: said...

Thanks! But I think it looks nicer in the close-ups!

Michael said...

Below are some basic gardening tips to get you started on creating your dream garden

Gardening Tip 1? Consider your plants health as well as your own. Ensure you keep yourself well hydrated whilst gardening. As most gardening is done in the sun, involves physical labor and is very engrossing, it is easy to work away for hours on end without noticing the time flying by.

Gardening Tip 2. Design your garden before you start digging. Your time and energy is precious so don’t start digging holes and planting plants without having a garden design first. You may choose to employ a professional garden design or you may just want to draw your desired garden on a piece of paper yourself, depending on your budget.

Gardening Tip 3. Make a list of the tools and materials you will need. After creating your garden design, list the tools and materials that are required to create your masterpiece.