Last day ~ Coffee Filters

My Mother, who has so diligently followed along with my blogging over the past month, has changed some of her habits! So I feel like my 30 days has been successful—even though I didn't do the best job with the challenge—because I know this has had a positive influence somehow. She is now recycling, composting food scraps and saving dryer lint in paper towel tubes for kindling! (but WHY she's still using paper towels after this post confounds me! That's one of the easiest switches to make, Mom!)

Anyway, she asked me the other night about whether or not you can compost coffee filters.
The answer is YES, you can compost the filters right along with your grounds—which compost piles LOVE. Some people out there have mentioned that the filter paper is bleached—but if you're already drinking coffee that has filtered through this paper, I don't think that's something you need to concern yourself with.

But I would suggest looking into bleach-free filters since I am SURE that the processes by which the bleached filters are made do absolutely nothing good for the environment.

Even better, get yourself a RE-USABLE coffee filter. Aside from the obvious benefits of saving money and creating less trash—you'll never wake up to make your coveted cup of coffee just to find that you've run out of filters!
There are many options out there and they'll run you around $10, give or take. They include filters made from hemp, cotton and metal mesh. From what I've read, they're all easy to use. Just rinse between uses. And you're probably not going to notice a difference between these choices unless you are a coffee connoisseur.

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