greetings from Mexico

Apologies. I've been pretty absent. I've been on the road and it's just been hard to find time to sit down and post. Writing anything takes a bit of time and to say anything meaningful (I try not to bore you with my blab too much!), is even harder.

I have been taking note of things along the way, but I don't have much positive news to share with you. Yesterday, for instance, when lunch break came, we ordered food from the resort we were in, and it all came delivered in plastic containers. Bummer. I was hoping maybe they'd come with a silver buffet spread for us. :)

I did put all of the containers in a paper bag in the hopes that they have recycling there ...

Wow I'm exhausted. I am falling asleep. Will write more when possible. Swear I have a few things that just aren't down on paper yet!


Melissa said...

isn't it amazing how much trash is involved with takeout?!

trashed out said...

Actually those are my Favorite kind of take out containers! If you are going to have to do take out might as well come sturdy re-usable plastic. I have a few at home that are perfect for keeping leftovers in.

:: A S K :: said...

yes, i like those containers as well. they are quite sturdy.

Tracey Smtih said...

Well done my friend - go for it. The challenge will present all sorts of problems - you have the clear determination to get over them.

Good luck!