Food for week 2

As previously mentioned, in preparation for this (and out of general curiosity/interest), I had signed up for Boston Organics and today I was to expect my first delivery. So when I left the house this morning, I put an empty cooler out on the porch and look what it was filled with by the time I got home! It's like Christmas ... in a very healthy and trash-free house (and with a very ugly kitchen floor).

I was sorta bummed that almost every thing had a sticker on it. I had thought that maybe they would be sticker-free since I think a lot of the stuff is (at least it's supposed to be) local.

And unfortunately, I just found out that I'll be going away for 9 days (unfortunate for the food, lucky for me) ... so most of this will probably be donated to the other two mouths in the house (not counting fruit flies).

Yeah so let me just panic for a quick sec about how those 9 days on the road—Boston to CA to AZ to Mexico to Boston—are gonna take a toll on my challenge. I'm anticipating some tough times. I have no idea where/how we will be eating, I'll be on planes half of the time and in residence homes (basically time shares - but empty right now) the other half of the time. And I'm not sure I feel like explaining to the kind gentlemen at the border of Mexico why I'm carrying a bag full of compost.

Any ideas?


Lisa Sharp said...

I wish I lived some where that I could get organic food sent to my home. :) Looks yummy!

Michelle said...

my boston organics also came with plenty of fruit flies...that still have not gone away a few weeks later... i actually just cancelled my service after a year or so. it's hardly ever local and i end up throwing away quite a bit of stuff that goes bad before i can use it. bummer! it was awesome to have that service though, before i lived walking distance to whole foods.

:: A S K :: said...

oh ... it wasn't the delivery that had fruit flies. that was a problem with something in our trash. But man! I wish I had known that sooner. I'm worried I might not actually be able to eat everything either. So we'll see. And yeah, it did seem like not much was local. Like maybe they just went shopping at a grocery store, not farms.

Anonymous said...

From the Boston Organics webpage:

Where does your produce come from?
We buy locally grown produce as often as possible, taking quality, value, and variety into consideration. During the summer and fall, a lot of the produce comes from Vermont and Massachusetts. During the peak of the local growing season (late July - August) 50% of the vegetables that we offer are locally grown. Because of a fairly short growing season and difficult growing conditions, the organic market in New England is limited. As we are a year-round service a large portion of our produce comes from California, Florida, and Georgia. Tropical fruit comes primarily from organic farms in Central and South America.

Seems like no trash = lots of extra gas!