Farmer's Markets, Boston Organics and gardening

I've had a month to think about things I want to blog about, so I am a little eager to get some of these things down on ... screen.

I know that Dayva already blogged about Boston Farmer's Markets but I wanted to supply a list. You have to page down to Suffolk County for Boston. They just offer such a great way to get locally grown, organic produce at a fair price. Why not?

The other thing I wanted to mention is Boston Organics. Sign up for this service and they will deliver a box of organic produce to your door once a week (or every other week depending on what you sign up for). I just signed up for the $27/week 1/2 fruit and 1/2 veggie box. The produce varies week-to-week depending on what the farmers have available. For instance, this week's box looks something like this:

1.5 lbs Bananas
2 Fuji Apples
2 Nectarines
2 Packham Pears
3 Valencia Oranges
2 Yellow Peaches
1 head Celery
1 bunch Chard
1 pint Cherry Tomatoes
1 head Romaine/Leaf Lettuce
1 lbs Summer Squash(Green/Yellow)

At this time you can't customize what you get, but you can say "no cantaloupe" if that's something you never want to get in your delivery (like me!).

Lastly, the best bet is to just grow your own. It's convenient, it really doesn't take that much work and it's really rewarding. I'm currently growing three different varieties of tomatoes, three varieties of peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, basil, rosemary & mint. It's fun and every year I try something new. I hope to get some photos up here soon ... right now my camera is in the shop.

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