Day 4, 5

Hope everyone had a great 4th! I had a really nice evening viewing the spectacular fireworks display from an apartment overlooking the Boston Esplanade. It was the perfect perch, away from all of the crowds and with a front & center view { thanks to C for the invite }. Photo is actually from a couple years ago, viewing from the back deck at work. This time we were much closer. Ok, I'll stop bragging :)

But it was a challenge for me in terms of creating no trash. It's definitely hard when you're surrounded by plastic cups and paper plates and napkins and people who don't necessarily know what you're up to. Where if you misplace your cup, you just grab a new one. Where the host doesn't know you and you're not familiar with the place and don't want to make a spectacle of yourself. I actually brought a paper bag (reused from before the challenge began) with ingredients for mojitos ... which I was craving. Fresh mint from my garden in a tupperware container, organic cane sugar in a tupperware container, limes in a recycled produce bag, light rum and club soda. I also brought a cloth napkin, just in case.

The drinks I made were great but I had to make them in plastic Solo cups. Bummer. I would have brought cups with me but all we have are glass. But I brought all of the limes and mint home that were leftover in my cup in order to compost them (can you compost rum-soaked limes??). I also brought the recyclable cup home. But to be honest, I ended up with an extra plastic bag because my friend J packed the supplies up to bring home - the paper bag had ripped - and he didn't fully appreciate my mission at that moment :) But at the same time, the plastic bag was one that had been saved to be reused and will be reused again ... so at least it will see an extended life beyond just one use.

Earlier yesterday:
I went to make a strawberries and cream cake that I had wanted to make for a get-together last weekend but never had time ... but the strawberries were moldy. I know, I feel guilty because I bought two pints at Harvest Coop last Sunday and they both went bad and all of them have ended up in the compost. I don't think Harvest is the place to buy berries. I think that when I purchased them, they were already getting soft.

Anyway, I can't believe I haven't even been doing this for a week yet. It feels longer! On Tuesday, I'll give an overview of the trash I've been accumulating. I'm happy to report that there isn't much so far. BUT I know I need to buy a new camera—just a little point and shoot—and that will have packaging. I don't know how you can avoid that one. The risk involved with purchasing a used one is just too great. Plus if you order it from someone on Ebay, there's still packaging. Sometimes it's even much worse than if you just bought it locally because they overcompensate to be sure nothing gets damaged.
Speaking of Ebay, I won this tray last week. So I'm anticipating it will arrive early next week, probably packed in box full of styrofoam peanuts. I ordered it because we have this giant dish drainer from IKEA that I thought was going to be fabulous, but it didn't come with two important dish drainer elements: a utensil holder and a tray to catch the water. It's a little awkward but I'm determined to make it work! I don't want to spend another $20 on a new one.

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