Day 3 and bottle caps

Today has been an uneventful day in my world of trying not to make trash (but that's a good thing, right?). I have been living off of what I've had in the fridge so I really haven't even had to buy much. I did finish off a container of blueberries this morning, but that is recyclable. I haven't had lunch yet and I didn't make any trash last night either. Oh actually, I had a beer. Are beer caps recyclable? Does anyone know? I don't think they are, but here are a few (albeit perhaps bizarre) ways in which you can reuse them (courtesy of an article on eHow).

1. Make a homemade mud scraper. Cut out a piece of plywood (or use a left over piece from another project) in whatever size you desire. Nail bottle caps side by side with the flat, smooth side down. Cover the board. Now you have a great mud scraper to clean your boots and shoes off on. Just hose it down to clean. Nail bottle caps to a hand sized block of wood, fluted side up. Hold it in the palm of your hand to scale fish.

2. (I actually like this idea!) Get 16 each of two different kinds of bottle caps and use them as checkers. You can paint them red and black or whatever colors you like but they look really neat left alone, too.

3. Cut tiny pictures to glue inside the caps. Then cover them well with glue and let them dry. Glue a small magnet to the flat side and use them as refrigerator magnets. Put holiday pictures in them and drill a tiny hold at the top and hang them as mini Christmas ornaments.

Or maybe you can donate them to this company that uses them to make fishing lures ...

Though I find the large amount of plastic packaging a bit ironic ... Why even go through all the trouble to use recycled beer caps and then put the product in a mess of plastic? This often seems to be the case with recycled product. Seems to be more about being able to say on the package that your product is recycled than it is thinking about the thing as a whole—cradle to grave.

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trashed out said...

Ah yes the bottle cap! I too was having a hard time with these little guys. I had liked the idea of turning them into magnets but when I take them off the bottle they usually end up a bit bent unless it is a screw top. I just started collecting them in a box for the next time I go to the recycling center and ask them if they can be recycled. I do love the idea of keeping a box of bottle caps for arts and crafts!