Day 1 tally

My garbage can here at work at the end of Day 1. Empty. Yay! Thankfully I didn't have to print much. SUPPOSEDLY, they recycle here. The building management says that even though they put everything into one can when collecting at the end of the day, they actually separate it down in the basement ... UH HUH, right. Not sure I believe that, so I'm going to have to take my printouts home with me to recycle.

I did make a little trash last night. I had purchased half of a watermelon this past weekend for a BBQ, but it didn't get eaten. I cut it up last night but it was wrapped in plastic wrap that really wasn't reusable. So that and the cotton pad are the first things to go in my Week 1 garbage box.

Day 2: I arrived to work this morning to find that the strawberries I bought this weekend have already gone moldy. So now I have to hold on to them & bring them home to throw in the compost. Sad. So I made a trip to Shaw's (I KNOW, I should have bought at the Farmer's Market, but I didn't know until today that my fruit was bad), paper bag in hand (I have a bag of old paper and plastic bags at my desk that I reuse - in case I don't have a tote) to pick up some new fruit, almond milk and some chocolate (70% or more cocoa content, organic dark—surprise! it's good for you—a great antioxidant as well as many other health benefits).

This morning I also remembered to bring some cloth napkins and a set of silverware with me to work to keep at my desk. I also brought a spare bread knife because I have a loaf of Iggy's bread here that I've been having a difficult time slicing!

So this is the breakfast scene at my desk pretty much every day (I'm NOT a morning person so I usually have breakfast when I get to work). Everyone is always commenting on how fancy my meals look. I think it just looks colorful because I like a variety of fruit - peaches, strawberries, raspberries & blueberries. I always hear people complaining about the price of fruit, which yeah, it's not cheap - but neither is buying a breakfast sandwich at Dunkin every morning. I think I just spent less than $8 on all of it and it should last the rest of the week. The granola is from the Harvest Coop. I purchased it from the bulk section, using a plastic container which I will reuse—either to purchase more, or as tupperware. I also don't really drink dairy anymore (though I haven't been able to completely give up on cheese), so I use almond milk which comes in recyclable cartons. It's really good for you, contains more calcium than milk and tastes great! Check out Michelle's post over at Does A Body Good for more info on that sort of stuff, because I'm not an expert.


kr said...

So pretty~! and looks so yummy, too~! Where'd you get the napkins, Ash? ;) ~kr

:: A S K :: said...

I got them for free from the neighbors!!