I have to give Dayva mad props for bringing her compost to a composting center. That shows incredible dedication (are you keeping that up?). Luckily, I do have a bit of headway on this topic because at the beginning of the summer, I bought a composting bin through the program that the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection runs every year. They offer residents of various cities and towns composting bins at a significantly reduced rate. Ours was $35.

The type of compost bin we received, The New Age Composter (I think just a newer generation of The Brave New Composter pictured above), is made in Massachusetts of 100% recycled plastic collected from MA recycling programs. I had to assemble it (very easy) and now it's all set up in our backyard and working beautifully. I think we can already start harvesting the compost for use in the garden.

The amount of trash my roommates and I now create is significantly less. I think we had almost 2 bags a week before we got the bin and now it's down to less than 1. Pretty cool.

But ok, let's face it, we live in a city and not everyone has backyard space for a big composter. So why not try indoor composting? I know, I had the same thoughts—smelly & bugs everywhere. But apparently, if you keep up with maintaining it properly, that isn't the case. Check out this blog entry over at One Change. It details how to build your own indoor compost.

But if you aren't up for that, you can buy an automatic one (no maintenance needed) from NatureMill.

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