Bad trip, bad.

Here I am in La Quinta, California. It's GORGEOUS! The mountains. The palms. THE HEAT. Wow, it's hot. 108 today. And I'm feeling awful. I have a pounding headache, I'm weak, tired and just plain DONE. I have been sleeping poorly and feeling out of it all week and last night didn't help. I didn't sleep at all. My landlords (who live upstairs) were out of town but left their teenage daughter home. So of course, ppppaaaarty time! Unfortunately it was just a bad coincidence that I needed to be up at 3:30AM for a 6AM flight. Needless to say, I really didn't sleep. And I'm not one to be able to sleep on planes. Especially planes with lots of crying babies. Which brings me to ask, WHY HASN'T ANYONE LAUNCHED A CHILD-FREE AIRLINE?!! I'm not a kid-hater, really, but there are child-free resorts, why not a child-free airline to get you there? I bet it would do really well. That's my million dollar idea of the day. Run with it.

The more I fly, the more snobby I get about it, I think. (Hey, I'm just being honest). You have to deal with so many people in such a tight space, delays, sitting time on planes, etc.. You really start to develop some strong preferences especially when it comes to where you prefer to sit and where you never want to sit again. On the second leg of my flight today, I sat in the back of the plane. Right next to where the attendants get all of the food/drink from and where the bathroom is. Good if you are demanding and want their attention, bad if you don't like people standing over you as they wait in line for the bathroom. Also, it's loud and apparently that's where they pack all of the crying babies. On top of that, you are supposed to board first, which means sitting on the plane while the rest of the plane boards, and you get off last. No matter where I'm sitting or what boarding "group" I'm in, I always wait until the very end to board. The less time in that small space with a couple hundred other people and their germs, the better.

So, let's do some trash talk. I have to say that this trip is pretty much in the landfill in terms of being trash-free. Between the tight scheduling, long days of photo shoots and limited number of people (means no one to cook "real" food for us), it's going to be a lot of ordering-in, take out, etc. On top of that, we have to shop for "props" such as flowers, fruit, veggies, wine, etc. But there's just no time for hunting down the local flower hut on the side of the road. If it comes up, great, but otherwise, it's Trader Joe's where things are wrapped in plastic. Even this evening we went to a grocery store and when it came time to bag things up, they used a million plastic bags. I cringed, but I'm not in charge and I at least asked if they had paper, but no one else seemed bothered by it. It's a real bummer but honestly, I'm not sure what else to do. Just in terms of being professional, I can't really throw my hands up and make a stink. It is what it is and I'll do what I can.

Anyway, when I left the house this morning (or whenever that was...), I brought fruit with me for the plane rides. That was great, but my 2nd flight was delayed and I ended up getting really hungry on the ride. I ordered the cheese & crackers & nuts snack for (gasp!) $4. I didn't save all of my trash from today, but I did decide to save the trash from this snack pack. The amount of packaging used for this little snack was just astounding. 1 paper package of raisins, 1 plastic package of nuts (waaaay oversalted), 1 plastic package of cheese, 2 separate plastic packages of crackers and then all of that was set in a plastic tray and enclosed in a plastic bag!

That's just a little much. This goes to show you how much the seemingly little things in life contribute to the trash scene in a big way.

And I love the irony of the trash on the perfectly manicured, green lawn in the middle of the desert.

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Anonymous said...

I would pay more for a child free airline if one was available. What a great idea! Children are not my favorite and I'm sure there are a lot of others out there that feel the same :)