365 Days of No Trash?

I know, I need to save something to blog about for the rest of the month, but I don't want to forget these things! And I have to keep myself busy not creating trash.

Anyway, some of you may think we're crazy for trying this no trash thing even for 30 days, but check out this blog of Dave who is attempting an entire year! Clearly he's making some trash and a lot of recycling and he's collecting it all to see just how much he makes in one year. So far, he's 6 months through the challenge and has collected about 29lbs of landfill-bound trash. He just posted a cool video giving a tour of his basement where he's storing it all. 29lbs might sound like a lot but that's a significant difference compared to the estimated 840lbs the average American creates in the same amount of time. Check out the gray line on this graph (source: EPA) which shows the trends in MSW (Municipal Solid Waste - or "garbage") generation per person/per day over the past 46 years. In 2006, the average American created approx 4.6lbs of trash per day. That's hideous and I'm going to take a wild guess that that amount isn't getting smaller.

Anyway, the numbers are really disturbing (such as the estimate that each adult will leave a legacy of 90,000 lbs. of trash for his or her children - source EPA - sorry can't help myself!), and I'm not sure I want to go too far into that.

But if Dave's 365-day no trash quest sounds bizarre/interesting, here are a couple other links relative to our experiments:
Save Your Trash
Say No To Trash
My Zero Waste


Dave said...

Rock on. I'll throw you a post once I get caught up and thanks for the shout out. Admirable (and extremely tough) goal you've all set for yourselves. It's amazing how once you start examining this you quickly realize that your waste stream ties directly into your consumption stream. Simply concept, tough fix.

Keep fighting the good fight.

Consume Less, Conserve more!



:: A S K :: said...

Nothing compared to your goal! But yes, simple enough concept it is. Thanks for stopping by.

Mrs Green said...

Hiya :)

Thanks SO much for the mention; I'm really honoured and I'm loving your blog.

Can we exchange blogroll links too? I'll go and put you on my site now and do a little write up about you at the beginning of next week.

I love how more and more people are doing these challenges.

Best of luck and keep up the great work :)

Mrs Green x

:: A S K :: said...

Mrs Green:
Definitely, I'll throw all of these links up there. I've just been trying to decide how to start organizing them.

And a shout out would be great ~ thanks so much!


Mrs Green said...

Perfect - thanks!
I'm going to be hosting a 'carnival of trash' during August, so perhaps you would like to join in on that?

Mrs G x