Who's turn is it next?

What an exciting idea someone shared with me! They liked the idea of the 30 day No Trash Challenge so much they wanted to take it on themselves. My 30 days ends June 30th and I would love nothing more than for someone to start a new challenge on July 1st. Maybe after their 30 days was up someone else would take on the challenge of August. Imagine to generate so much interest that we continue the challenge for an entire year!
So come on, who is up to the challenge? Do I hear August? Do I hear September?

On another note; I haven't had much to report because I have been doing so well! No trash here! I think I have 3 pieces of trash in my cigar box.

Here is a sweet little picture to get you all inspired.


:: A S K :: said...

Yes, exciting, but before you depart please share some more advice! I was at Whole Foods this evening buying a few things and realized... oh shoot I'm gonna have to start bringing my own containers for lettuce (you know how they have it in tubs and you take what you need?). Yes, I could buy it in a plastic container which can be recycled, but I feel like part of this is cutting down on even buying stuff packaged like that. So what do you buy/eat and what do you bring with you when you go shopping so you are prepared?

trashed out said...

I am a total bag saver. I usually re-use my old produce bags and bring them back to the store when I buy more produce. Luckily I have a few leftover from before the challenge. They also sell cotton mesh bags at some of the Whole Foods I have been to that are especially for produce. Now that it is summer there are a lot of local farmers markets popping up in parking lots all over. I try to take advantage of these as often as possible since the season on the east coast is so short. All in all I am for the mesh bags but I tend to buy the red leaf lettuce that comes in a bunch. Let me know what you come up with for the loose lettuce!

Michelle said...

Uh uh. The raw food thing has been weird enough. No trash challenge would be the last straw for Max I think. But haha yeah i have those mesh bags for produce. I notice that the food goes bad more quickly when it isn't in plastic though.

Glad the kitty litter worked out :-)