What's in that box?

After my last post someone asked me to take a close up shot of what exactly was in the cigar box. I dumped the contents out on the table to give you all a better look at what ended up getting thrown away. What I noticed when I did this was that a lot of this trash was from things that I had bought before I even thought about doing this challenge. Some of the trash was from things people had brought over, like some yummy carrot cake cupcakes!

So what my trash consists of is the following:

The piece you pull off the Netflix envelope to seal it shut
The wrapper from the cork of a wine bottle (well actually a couple of wine bottles)
Some twist ties that were to junky to re-use
A plastic bag that a veggie burger was in
A few staples
The wrapper from a Band-Aide
The wrapper from some yummy cheese (again, someone brought this over)
A "pre approved" credit card that came in the mail (a kind of plastic that can not be recycled)
The big sticker that comes on prescription bags
Little packets of soy sauce and wasabi from take out sushi (when buying the sushi I knew I could recycle the container but forgot about the little packets so I won't be doing that again)

Little things here and there that I didn't think about when I first started the challenge. Each day it gets a little easier and the more I plan ahead the less trash I make.

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